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Got to see an early screening of Star Trek tonight. Spoilers under cut.

Overall - great movie! J.J. Abrams did a great job tweaking the series while still paying homage to the original. I loved the look of the new Star Trek universe, sleeker in some places and grittier in others. The actors brought it and the logic of the movie fit in with the known Star Trek universe.

A couple of things I did not love - at a point the action feels overtly like the movie's setting itself up to be a popular video game. Also, I call HoNay! on the new Spock/Uhura/Kirk triangle. I don't know if I've just been burnt too many times by forced love triangles which tear/keep apart/create conflict between the two male protagonists (Smallville, Lost, Spiderman - I'm looking at you), but it came off formulaic and didn't add anything IMO. Guess the boys are just too hot not to stick a chick in between them.

Fics I expect to see - the above triangle in all shapes and forms & oddly enough Spock/Mama Spock. There was some serious oedipal stuff going on there. It was almost like Sylar brought his Mommy issues into the Star Trek universe, except this time he didn't stab her with scissors, he just pissed off some Romulan who blew her and VULCAN up. Yes, the ENTIRE planet is now obliterated and Vulcans are officially an endangered species. I expect to hear hard-core fandom backlash at this.

Questions? Ask away...

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