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So I started in on my first fic since the fairytale one I did with Eureka last year for a challenge. It's the shiny new Star Trek reboot fandom. I mapped out the story like a good girl - plot, multiple arcs, character development, yadda, yadda. It looked like a great beginning and ideas for sequels had already popped up and I get oh about 7,000 words into it and my characters have officially told my original plot to go fuck itself - they're doing their own thing. I love my characters, but am currently a tiny bit concerned that they have (and I have) very little idea about where they're going.

My very first fic (oh how I cringe thinking about it) involved a decent premise and engaging characters who also did not know where they were going. I had a mild panic attack between the lack of direction and the attention it drew, so I wound up putting it out of it's misery with alien pet chupacabras (seriously don't ask, and if you read it I apologize).

My question is to anyone out there, have you experienced this before and if so how do you handle it?

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Date: 2009-09-07 10:34 pm (UTC)
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YES. With fanfiction, with original stories, with plays, with series'. It always sucks, and sometimes the answer is to put it out of its misery, unfortunately.

If not, think of all the ways it could possibly go. Type them up in outline form or in rambling individual paragraphs, it doesn't matter. And if you're not certain where exactly you want it to go by then, put them in a hat, preferably a fancy one, shake it up and have someone pick one out. If it's not one you want to do at all, throw it out because it shouldn't have been in the hat to begin with, and is just being a little pathetic by latching on to you like that.

If the problem is more that you can't get your characters to take action, skip ahead a day. Have them do the heavy thinking you've already explained too much of in between the third and fourth chapter. Stories are supposed to start with real action anyway, and if they don't continue, they end up getting boring. Maybe start with a 'holy shit I can't believe i'm doing this' only with much more eloquent phrasing. Or not, depending on the character and whether this particular exclamation of disbelief is shown through text and description or through an actual, um, statement.

If the problem is that your characters aren't doing what you want them to do, address that within the story. Have another character who you would agree with address it. Have them talk the other down, yell at them, call them out for being a coward. Anger- we're supposed to look down on it, but it always brings the plot along. Even better than love does, allot of the time.

Yeah. That's all the advise I can offer you. I sincerely hope I was of help.

Now, what I initially traveled here for- um, this is kind of awkward, but what happened to that hilarious, awesome fic you were writing on the kink meme where Captain Kirk was crossdressing?


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