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Title:   Once Upon a Time
Fandom:  Eureka
Pairing:  Jack/Nathan
Word Count:  23,000+
Rating:  NC-17/ Mature Content
Summary:  Eureka plunges into a dark fairytale world where its citizens must figure out the curse of the Red Witch and break the spell in order to get back to their lives.  Written for the Marshal Science August Challenge and Musingdarkly/Becca who wanted "anything, hot smut would be a plus". 

Chapter 2:  Of Sheep and Wolves

Jack only managed to get a few yards away when he had to duck back behind the cover of heavy brush to avoid the trolls hunting him. 

With the initial rush of adrenaline gone, he started to feel a little guilty about leaving Stark behind.  The talk of the troll brothers about what venison recipe to make for supper while they sought Jack out didn’t help the matter any, nor did the increased irritation of the collar around his neck.  He’d just about made up his mind when something else besides him and the trolls moved in the forest and Jack found himself staring into the transformed face of the hunter whose cabin he’d originally taken shelter in.  The man stood on all fours, eyes glowing yellow and body covered with thick, grey fur.

“Hey Taggart,” he whispered softly.  “Good boy.”

The werewolf sniffed in his direction and then in the direction of the trolls. 

“How about you keep those two busy while I go get someone out of a jam?” Jack whispered half-heartedly, too terrified to do anything else. On his order, the werewolf bounded over both him and the bush he hid behind in the direction of the two brothers.

“Huh?” Jack said in a moment of disbelief before regaining his senses and running back to the cave entrance he’d escaped from.  The door was still wide open and he wasted no time in pulling the rusty key off the wall and opening the cage.

“Come on Stark, let’s get out of here.”

“You came back?”

“Yeah,” Jack reddened, remembering that he wasn’t going to return originally.  “We really should leave quickly.”  He grabbed the man’s leg to drag him out. 

Stark took in the immediacy of the situation and gracefully leapt out of the cage, leaving it swinging back and forth in his wake. 

“Let’s go.”

“Good idea,” Jack quipped back as he followed him out into the forest.  He rubbed at his neck, relieved that the itching sensation had subsided.  “Wish I would have thought of it.”

Stark huffed and then in one smooth motion, turned, picked up Jack, threw him over his shoulder and started running between trees at a dizzying speed. 

They stopped only moments later, but even after such a short ride, Jack had a hard time not being sick.  Stark let him be and stood guard nearby until he’d recovered himself enough to speak.

“You didn’t have to do that,” Jack bit out.  The anger that rose to the surface seemed to quiet his nausea.  “I'm not some damsel in distress you can throw over your shoulders and carry off anytime you want.”

Stark jerked his head, equally annoyed with Jack.  “Seemed like I just did.”

“You didn’t have to.”

“The trolls were returning and you move too slowly.  So yes, I did.”

Jack pulled fiercely on the collar around his neck. 

“What are you doing?”

“What does it look like I’m doing?  Get this thing off of me.”

“I can’t.  You gave your word.”

Jack yanked at the metal until he could feel it bruising his neck. 

Stark pulled his hands away, and held Jack steadfast.  “It won’t come off until our bargain is complete.”

“Well I’m not going to complete it.  I’m going to get away from you and out of this crazy town if it’s the last thing I do.”

“You can’t leave!” Stark’s voice dropped low.  “Calm yourself so we can continue.”

“No.  I'm sick of this place.  I didn't ask to be here.  I wanted to go find my fortune in one of the bigger cities, not become trapped in an endless, dark forest with a deranged wild man with antlers sticking out of his head who tricks me into promises I wouldn't have made otherwise.”

“I had no choice.”

“You know what I think your problem is?”

“Not really, but I’m sure you’re going to tell me.”

“You don’t trust anyone.”

“Why should I?  You just said you mean to run away again.”

“You don’t exactly inspire loyalty.”

“I have no time for this and you need to learn your place.”  Stark huffed and then hauled him over to where a tree had fallen nearby and sat down on the trunk.  He quickly unfastened Jack's pants and lowered them, despite Jack’s struggling and protestations. 

Jack was mostly in shock when he found himself bent over the man's lap with his bare ass sticking up into the air.  The first sharp slap came down across his cheeks with a sharp sting that heated and reddened his bare flesh.  “What are you doing?” he yelled angrily, still struggling.

“Punishing you for your tantrums.”  A second slap struck his ass; one Jack anticipated and felt clearer.  Then a third, a fourth and a fifth slap came down in quick succession.  The sensation rippled through his body and much to his surprise, he felt himself growing hard again. 

“Let me up!” Jack demanded, more out of embarrassment than pain.  A third slap came down.  He groaned, but couldn't keep his body from writhing against the sensation, no matter how bruised his pride.

“I said let me up,” Jack said again, but with far less conviction than before.

Stark stopped long enough to caress his ass.  “I'll let you up when I'm confident you've learned your lesson.  While a little impertinence can be amusing, you've tested my patience, put yourself in danger and are now causing us to lose time.”  He raised his hand and brought it down against Jack's ass, even as Jack's cock rubbed along the dark leather of Stark's pants – both sensations overwhelming him.  “You need to learn to obey me.”

“Yeah, well I'm not the obeying kind,” Jack groaned out through a haze of sensation. 

Stark chuckled and rubbed Jack's ass once again, thumb dipping down and ghosting over his hole.  “You're enjoying this.”

Jack didn't say anything back.  He couldn't say if he were angrier with the man for spanking him in the middle of the woods or for his body for betraying him, but mostly he was just turned on.

“This is what we're going to do,” the man's voice dropped.  “You're going to pull your pants up, come with me and be quiet.  You're not to touch yourself or cause another commotion and we can continue this someplace a little safer.  If you disobey me, I'll tie you up and keep you writhing without release until you pass out.”

He lifted Jack onto his feet, then stood up himself.  Jack's only satisfaction was to see the bulge in the other man's pants and a stiffening of his graceful gate as he walked on - the only proof so far that Jack had any effect on him what so ever.


They journeyed the rest of the day until they came out of the woods and into a field.  Jack shielded his eyes against the brightness of the sun shining down, but when they finally adjusted and he looked back into the field, Stark stood sniffing the air.  The sight his skin glistening and large, well muscled body clothed only in dark leather took Jack's breath away. 

“Someone's here,” he announced, seemingly unaware of the lust which had suddenly overtaken Jack.  “Stay close to me.”

Jack walked over next to him and they set off across the green field towards a group of sheep in the distance.  The closer they approached, the more evidence came into sight that someone had set up camp close to the flock, yet Jack couldn't see anyone around.  He stopped next to a bed roll and makeshift fire that had gone cold.  Stark sniffed at the air again and then bounded up and then over the logs which made up a large wooden fence.  On the other side, he pulled up a young man by the scruff of his neck. 

“Are you the shepherd that's guarding this flock?” Stark asked. 

“Yes,” the young man in Stark’s grasp stuttered in response. 

Jack looked around at the rather vulnerable flock.  “Nice job.”

“I'm not very good at it.”

“You don't say.”

“It's not my fault,” the young man protested.  “I'm only a poor orphan boy without a father and I don't even have a gun.”  He looked up at Jack pitifully while dangling from Stark's grip.  “Will you be my father?”

“No!”  Jack replied immediately, and then softened his voice, feeling a little sorry for the pitiful shepherd. “You're a little old to need a father.  Shouldn't you be out in the world seeking your fortune?”

“No one can leave town.”  The shepherd looked over at Stark.  “Will you be my father?”

“What's your name, boy?”


“You can come with us and I'll be your father once you've proven yourself useful and clever enough.  You must do this three times for me to be sure of your worth,” Stark proclaimed and gently set him down.

“Alright,” Fargo agreed happily.  “Where are we going?”

“Into town.  We’re going to need shelter soon and a meal for the evening.”

Jack's stomach grumbled in agreement.

“I know a place nearby.  No one lives there anymore.”  Fargo paused.  “I can’t really remember who lived there to begin with; it had to have been before the curse of the Red Witch.”

Jack helped Fargo gather up his things and they walked closely together, slightly behind Stark.

“What's your name?”  Fargo all but whispered to Jack.

Jack glanced at Stark and quickly replied.  “Jack.”  Stark’s back stiffened and Jack could sense his silent objection to the chatter.

“I'm Fargo.”

“I know.”

“So you're with him?”

“Quiet,” Stark snapped.

Fargo instantly obeyed like a chastised puppy, but Jack pressed on with a smirk , raising his voice a little.  “Yeah, I'm with him - long story.  I could prattle on all day about it, when I'm not babbling.”

Stark stopped and gave him a dark look and Jack smiled as sweetly as he could back.  “I'll tell you about it later.”

They walked on until they were once again enveloped by woods and night was falling.  They came upon the empty cabin Fargo had spoken of when Stark stopped short.  He seemed to grow even taller and more imposing. “The scent of blood is on the air.”

“Aye, that it is.”

Jack jumped around to see the Hunter, now looking a cross between his human and werewolf forms - feral and splattered with blood.  Fargo moved to stand behind Stark.  Taggart's eyes gleamed in the moon light, still yellow.  Stark tilted his antlers down, readying for battle.

“You killed the witch.”

“Yes I did.  Want to join her?” 

The Hunter growled, exposing his canines.  Hair covered him and he seemed to become more and more wolf like than before.  “You shouldn't have done that.”

“Taggart?” Jack asked gently.

The Hunter calmed down and turned to Jack with a small whimper.  “Hey Taggart, remember me?  We're friends.  We're all friends here and nobody wants to hurt anyone else, right Buddy?”

Taggart blinked and his eyes seemed to clear, coming out of a trance like state. 

“What's wrong with him?” Fargo asked.

“The Red Witch put him under a curse,” Stark surmised.  “But he gave the Tailor his name, so he has power over him, even in this twisted state.”  He looked over at Jack meaningfully and Jack nodded back.

“It's alright Taggart.  You can come with us and we're going to fix this, but first I need you promise not to hurt any of us.”

The Hunter looked at him questioningly and whimpered a little. 

“I mean it Taggart.  You can’t hurt anybody.”

Taggart hesitated, but then caved.  “Oh all right.”

“Will that work?” Jack asked Stark. 

“Yes.  But I want him to stay outside of the cabin while we go inside.”

Jack couldn’t disagree with him on that.

“Shouldn't you check it out first?” Fargo asked.  “Something could be inside.”

“You can stay out here while we go in,” Stark replied and he and Jack walked into the cabin.  A wolf howled in the distance.  Taggart howled back and then scratched behind his ear. 

“On second thought,” Fargo muttered before running inside after them. 


The cabin had two large rooms and a bathroom.  The living area, kitchen and dining table were all in the main area, while a large four poster bed took up most of the second room.

“Good thing Grandma wasn't home,” Fargo quipped, looking at the knitting that lay disregarded by the living room fireplace.  

“I hope she wasn't home.  Taggart had blood on him.”

“None of it was human blood,” Stark assured them.  “Now the boy can get cleaned up first and I'll get the fire started.”

Fargo immediately complied and headed for the shower.

“Good idea,” Jack agreed.  “What should I do?”

“Stay here.”

“Oh that's great,” Jack started to protest. 

Stark kissed him roughly before moving back outside.  “Stay here and eat something.”  Stark pressed a bundle into Jack’s hands which he discovered contained a piece of bread, some cheese and an apple. 

He found a candle and lit it with a match before Stark returned with two huge armfuls of wood.  He set one in front of the living room fire and then headed towards the bedroom, having to duck his antlers under each doorway.  Jack built a fire in the living room and sat down at the small table to eat his dinner.  By the time Fargo emerged from the bathroom, the cabin was nice and toasty. 

Jack went into the bathroom and locked the door behind him.  There was no tub, but the shower was big enough for several people at once and the hot, powerful jets felt like heaven against his skin.   He stood there, luxuriating under the spray for a long while before grabbing the soap, fearful that the hot water would run out, but found it gone from its cubby.  When he opened his eyes and looked around, Jack saw Stark standing behind him, wet and soapy. 

“You really like sneaking up on people, don't you?”

Stark laughed deeply.  Jack's body couldn't help respond to the sight of the man before him, eyes following the flowing water ever downward where the other man's erection stood large and proud.  Jack swallowed hard, feeling his mouth go dry. 

“Turn around,” Stark ordered.

Jack obeyed, aroused without having yet been touched.

Strong hands gently caressed his shoulders, soaping him up, and then slid down his back.  Jack relaxed back into the firm message, enjoying every moment.  Talented fingers moved to his sides and eventually around to his stomach and chest.  Jack leaned back into Stark's hard body as the clever hands roamed over him and the other man’s hard cock slipped in between his soapy cheeks.  Jack squeezed his thighs tightly together and heard Stark groan. 

He arched back against Stark, feeling immense satisfaction at the response.  Stark countered by dropping his right hand onto Jack’s own erection and squeezing lightly.  Jack moaned and bucked forward, drawing more of a response from Stark with his movement.  From there, their motions became frenzied, leaving them writhing against each other until they both found release. 

Afterwards, Jack felt boneless - in a daze as Stark finished cleaning them both off in the shower, dried them and then led Jack through another door which led directly into the bedroom.  The fire had warmed the air enough that Jack didn’t once shiver, despite being nude.  It spoke to his blissful state of mind that he didn’t really notice Stark tying him to the end of the four poster bed until it was already done.

Jack yanked on his wrists.  “What are you doing?” he asked, despite the feeling that he already knew. 

“I warned you before what would happen if you didn’t remain quiet,” Stark said from somewhere behind him where Jack couldn’t twist his body to see. 

He stood on the floor, with his wrists secured to two of the bedposts with two soft, but strong pieces of cloth which gave no slack.  Despite being tall, the bed he faced only came up mid-thigh on Jack. 

“But there you were, chattering away with Fargo and giving out your name freely,” Jack couldn’t tell for sure, but he thought Stark’s tone was more teasing than menacing.

“You have a real thing with names, don’t you?”

“Shhh,” Stark shushed him as he used another piece of cloth to gag Jack, and then another to cover his eyes.   “Trust me,” Stark whispered into his ear.

Jack shivered in anticipation, but the words allowed him to relax a little bit. 

Stark’s hands lightly touched his back, warm and coated with something slick.  Oil - Jack guessed.  He didn’t know what kind, but it smelled rich and nutty.  The hands ghosted up and down his arms, tickling slightly, and then descended down his back once again. 

Stark caressed Jack’s chest, mirroring the way he’d soaped him up in the shower, but this time Jack couldn’t lean back and touch him.  The only thing Stark allowed Jack was pure feeling, enhanced through the blinding of his sight. 

Jack’s breath caught in his throat when Stark gently caressed the skin around the collar he’d put on Jack with his fingertips.  Somehow, it made him feel lightheaded and grounded all at the same time – owned in a way that didn’t make him want to run the other direction. 

Stark brought his hands back around and stroked gently over Jack’s ass and then knelt down to caress the back of his legs, spreading them further apart in the process.  He brought his touch back up the front of Jack’s legs, veering to his hips before he could come up too far.  Stark stroked Jack’s ass again, this time using a firmer touch and kneading the muscles until Jack was practically putty in his hands. 

Jack expected the slick finger that stroked against his exposed hole, but not the velvet tongue which followed.  He moaned loudly into his gag and was rewarded by another swipe.  The third time Stark pressed his tongue against Jack’s entrance; it dipped in slightly and then circled teasingly around the rim. 

Despite having come twice already that day, Jack was once again painfully hard. 

Starks tongue teased him again with quick, light strokes before pushing its way inside Jack and retreating, only to circle around again and again before plunging back inside.  It made him crazy, but didn’t quite send him over the edge and Jack became worried again that Stark would fulfill his promise to tease him painfully all night. 

Jack’s apprehension intensified when Stark withdrew first his mouth and then his touch entirely.  Jack felt helpless, unable to see anything and the light shuffling sound against the backdrop of the crackling fire gave nothing away.  He couldn’t even say anything to provoke a response with the gag still firmly covering his mouth. 

Just when Jack was almost certain of his fate, he felt Stark’s mouth on his left cheek, biting gently.  The teeth pressed in a little firmer before Stark switched to sucking gently.  A finger, coated in more oil teased over Jack’s hole briefly before pushing in and sending new sensations coursing through his body.  A few thrusts later and he found himself pushing back, impaling himself on the finger.  Stark used his other hand to still Jack’s hips and pushed another finger inside him.  Jack felt his body stretch to accommodate the additional width, but that was soon overshadowed by a new pleasure which radiated through his body when the finger tips explored further.  Stark let his hips go and Jack fucked himself back onto Stark’s fingers over and over, but still he couldn’t find release.  

He whimpered in agonizing frustration when Stark withdrew his fingers a second time. 

“Shhh,” Stark hushed him again and then ran his clever tongue along the outside of Jack’s ear before nibbling on it gently.  He ran his hands down the side of Jack’s body until they both gripped his hips, urging him upwards onto his tiptoes.  Then one hand held him in place.

Jack felt the blunt tip of Stark’s cock against his entrance and moaned in pure relief.  Stark pushed forward firmly until Jack’s body yielded to his presence and the tip was inside of him.  Jack took delight in the burn of his body stretching around Stark’s cock pushed backwards again.

“Jack,” Stark moaned and then unfastened the gag with one hand, letting it drop off onto the bed.  “I want to hear you,” he said in a voice that almost sounded tormented. 

“Stark I need...” Jack said, voice rough from not speaking and still unable to quite voice what it is he wanted.  He pushed back further, as far as he could in his current position, but it still wasn’t enough.  “I need…”

Stark put both hands back on Jack’s hips, lifted him up off of his toes and thrust in all the way.

“That…oh god yeah, that’s it,” Jack moaned, hanging onto the ties around his wrist for support.  His feet found a precarious purchase on the bottom ledge that wrapped around the bed frame.  The slight change in position sent that delicious sensation Jack had felt before with Stark’s fingers running through his body.  His focus narrowed so completely to Stark thrusting in and out of him that he no longer could tell what words were coming out of his mouth or differentiate his moans from those of the other man. 

The sensation built and built until Jack thought he’d go insane, but then Stark wrapped a hand around his cock and despite having a blindfold on, Jack saw white.

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Date: 2008-08-06 09:56 am (UTC)
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Wohooo! Hot steamy shower and bedroom sex! I think I forgot what else there was in the chapter... oh yeah, sheperd-boy Fargo and werewolf Taggart. And Fargo wanting to be Starks son? *LOL* But kind of "in character" for him, seeing how much he looks up to Stark.


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