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I haven't posted in forever, but here are some lovely icons. Since the terrible breakup I had with a certain schizophrenic, abusive boyfriend television show, *cough*Smalleville*cough*, I've felt kind of adrift without a fandom.

Oh, I've looked longingly at other fandoms like SG1 and Stargate Atlantis (really, who wouldn't with the shiny prettiness that is John/Rodney?). I've watched episodes here and there, but they haven't really snared me. Too episodic.

I've heard many a thing about Supernatural and I sort of want to run away and hide, because *damn* that looks like some messed up stuff.

Big Love might be a strong possibility, but it's been so long since I read/shipped/wrote anything het related. And while I do femslash every once in a while, it's not my usual cup o'tea.

Battlestar Gallactica makes me want to write strange things like Gaeta/Lampkin during Gaius's trial (I actually wrote a snippet months ago) and messed up plots where BSG is going backwards in time as they travel through space and are in fact the 13th colony. They land on Earth, then their offspring eventually migrate out to other parts of the universe to become the 12 colonies and the 12 Cylon models are the 12 Lords of Kobol. All Along the Watchtower really messed with my head, cause I can almost figure out how to write that story. *nods*

I'll always love Harry Potter and will forever be a shameless slut for Harry/Draco. I've read things you don't want to know about and will never admit to reading. But that fandom's sure to wind down with the last book (despite that 70 page and counting fic I've never completed) and it's always been kind of scary in there anyways.

So could anyone recommend a fandom for me?

PS: Someone tell me when the heck Neville Longbottom got so pretty...
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*waves hi*
How's everyone doing?

RL has been kicking my ass. I've been working crazy hours & haven't even been able to catch the last two or three episodes of Smallville. I still think that Green Arrow guy is a tool - so from what I can tell off of my flist, I'm not missing much. Still, I think I would have liked to have seen Clark's "WTF" face when the Magnificent Bastard showed up at Thanksgiving dinner.

I have been getting home early enough on Friday nights to catch Battlestar Gallactica and while I was a casual viewer before, this season has sucked me right in. I have a mad girl-crush on Starbuck and wish like crazy that the Battlestar Gallactica writers/producers/people in charge were doing Smallville. Dear gods, we might have even got explicit Clex with the boundaries Battlestar Gallactica likes to push. And I LOVE it!

I did get a few DVD's with overtime money, and have been spending my some of my off hours making LJ Icons. I've posted all the ones below that I haven't officially posted before. Feel free to take.

22 Smallville Icons
9 Eureka Icons
15 Battlestar Gallactica Icons
18 Children of Dune Icons
6 Legend Icons
12 Star Wars Icons

brokensavior lookcloser Sirens
Ghanima_Fierce LilyDreaming Faster

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