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Dear Eureka,

How the heck is the audience supposed to interpret the following exchange from 2.2, “Try, Try Again”?

Jack: "You've never swung an axe in your life."
Nathan: "I've swung a lot of things that would surprise you."

I’ll tell you how I’m interpreting it. Nathan swings both ways and is more than willing to teach Jack how. After all, Jack is getting more and more used to Nathan not leaving a “bad taste in his mouth”. Pretty soon, he’s going to be craving him some Nathan. Forget that Ally Cat chick.

Also, you love me. You really love me.

Hugs and Kisses,


Title: The Village People Ate My Brain
Fandom: Eureka
Pairing: Allison/Jack, Jack/Nathan (Pre-slash)
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 797
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot, and I’m perfectly willing to share that. Also, any corny references to phrases in HP:DH are completely JKR’s fault. That book will be providing fodder for jokes for generations to come.

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I've come to the conclusion that Eureka *hearts* slashers. From Jack's proposal to Henry that they move on from their former significant others "together", to Jack (the sheriff, HELLO?) sticking electrodes gently on Nathan's head while the man was barely dressed and a room full of doctors looked on. And Nathan's little "I didn't know you cared" line...

Though who could blame Jack. I mean, Nathan people! *loves him crazily*

And Henry is so going dark - I'm getting a Willow Rosenberg vibe off of him.

Although next week's episode (judging by the preview) is a total rip off of SGA.

Also, some twisted part of me wants Fargo/Beverly. Don't know why really. He pervs so badly on her.
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I haven't posted in forever, but here are some lovely icons. Since the terrible breakup I had with a certain schizophrenic, abusive boyfriend television show, *cough*Smalleville*cough*, I've felt kind of adrift without a fandom.

Oh, I've looked longingly at other fandoms like SG1 and Stargate Atlantis (really, who wouldn't with the shiny prettiness that is John/Rodney?). I've watched episodes here and there, but they haven't really snared me. Too episodic.

I've heard many a thing about Supernatural and I sort of want to run away and hide, because *damn* that looks like some messed up stuff.

Big Love might be a strong possibility, but it's been so long since I read/shipped/wrote anything het related. And while I do femslash every once in a while, it's not my usual cup o'tea.

Battlestar Gallactica makes me want to write strange things like Gaeta/Lampkin during Gaius's trial (I actually wrote a snippet months ago) and messed up plots where BSG is going backwards in time as they travel through space and are in fact the 13th colony. They land on Earth, then their offspring eventually migrate out to other parts of the universe to become the 12 colonies and the 12 Cylon models are the 12 Lords of Kobol. All Along the Watchtower really messed with my head, cause I can almost figure out how to write that story. *nods*

I'll always love Harry Potter and will forever be a shameless slut for Harry/Draco. I've read things you don't want to know about and will never admit to reading. But that fandom's sure to wind down with the last book (despite that 70 page and counting fic I've never completed) and it's always been kind of scary in there anyways.

So could anyone recommend a fandom for me?

PS: Someone tell me when the heck Neville Longbottom got so pretty...
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*waves hi*
How's everyone doing?

RL has been kicking my ass. I've been working crazy hours & haven't even been able to catch the last two or three episodes of Smallville. I still think that Green Arrow guy is a tool - so from what I can tell off of my flist, I'm not missing much. Still, I think I would have liked to have seen Clark's "WTF" face when the Magnificent Bastard showed up at Thanksgiving dinner.

I have been getting home early enough on Friday nights to catch Battlestar Gallactica and while I was a casual viewer before, this season has sucked me right in. I have a mad girl-crush on Starbuck and wish like crazy that the Battlestar Gallactica writers/producers/people in charge were doing Smallville. Dear gods, we might have even got explicit Clex with the boundaries Battlestar Gallactica likes to push. And I LOVE it!

I did get a few DVD's with overtime money, and have been spending my some of my off hours making LJ Icons. I've posted all the ones below that I haven't officially posted before. Feel free to take.

22 Smallville Icons
9 Eureka Icons
15 Battlestar Gallactica Icons
18 Children of Dune Icons
6 Legend Icons
12 Star Wars Icons

brokensavior lookcloser Sirens
Ghanima_Fierce LilyDreaming Faster

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So it's been about a year since my last post with some actual substance behind it, and that was a good intentioned start at a series called "The Segeth Chronicles" which fizzled right away when I couldn't make Smallville make sense from one episode to another. I eventually quit Smallville (after Lexmas) with only one brief visit back for Mortal (the one where both Lana & Jonathan died :)). Since then, I've managed to stay off that wagon, using fanfic to try to break the addiction, when lo-and-behold I started up again last night with a repeat of Vessel.

It's crack! That's all there is to it. The people who write, direct and produce this show are all on crack, and somehow it seeps through the cable, into the television, and into the air of those who happen to flip on the channel, inducing a "Smallville" crackphoria.

Smallville Crackphoria: A condition of a person watching, talking about, writing about, etc. Smallville wherein she/he similtaneously:

1. Balks at how badly the storyline makes no sense.
2. Laughs their ass off at Lana wanting to talk about her last & latest relationships when the world is literally crumbling around her feet.
3. Sympathizes with how tortured and bored the actors look.
4. Wants to lick Lex.
5. Want to spank Clark.
6. Wonders who the hell the character pretending to be Lois Lane really is, what she's doing and why she's still there?
7. Goes back and forth between the "Jor-El is Zod, has been all along and has been playing Clark from all angles to get free" and the "the writers are just on crack" theories.
8. Tries vainly to figure out how a character or characters did/knew something or what exactly happened to cause mass amnesia/histeria in the Smallville/Metropolis general population.
9. Laughs again at how the writers backed themselves into a corner, but then remembers that continuity and sense are not friends of Smallville. Thus next week in the premiere, Smallville will go smack through the walls of the Continuity Corner, vault over the Obstacles of Logic and fly over the Cliffs of Characterisation until it is right back where it started from to begin with.

and most dangerously of them all...

10. Thinks to him/herself, "I could write a better story than this", "There's so much potential" and "There's got to be a way to make this show make sense somehow".

OMG - I don't know how long the addiction will last, but I think I might have tumbled right off the wagon. I'll try not to let what actually goes on in the show matter, afterall it doesn't matter much to the writers/producers/directors of the actual show.

My mother actually walked into the room mid-episode and without looking at the TV said "OMG you're watching Smallville again aren't you? I could tell by the guilty look on your face", at which point I tried to induct her into the Smallville cult. It didn't work. The only time I've ever got her to watch Smallville was when I told her that Lex was going to rip off Clark's shirt and that Spike was on the show now.

Here's 20 out of 35 Icons to enjoying the Smallville Crackphoria...

Icon Post Teaser...

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The movie hasn't even hit prescreening and HP fans are already correcting errors:

To err is muggle
Harry Potter and the Grave Mistake

I love this fandom. That is all.
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In response to [ profile] emerinalexander's plead challenge for Clex grandparent drabbles here...
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smallville is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

Scary how accurate it is! :)


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